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aPATCH 0.33
Creates fast multi-file patches with search/replace from simple scripts. Backups, CRC checking, LFN support. Output is a COM-file.

R!SC's Process Patcher 1.5.1
Its a process patcher thingy, creates a win32.exe from a simple script, which will then load a process, and wait for it to unpack/deprotect itself, then patch the memory to fix any bugs that the author left in the program, y'no, like NAG screens, or silly 30 day trials, and its the only one of its kind!!! (which produces a stand-alone win32 exe).

PGPE - Patch Generator for Packed Executables 1.0 beta1
PGPE works as a loader generator but instead of generating a loader it generate a patch for the packed executable.
The generated patch is reversible. Apply the patch again and you get again the original exe,can choose the logo the icon... Layout based on the nice kill3xx patch layout.

* Save/Load Projects
* Preview
* Reversible Patch, Apply it again and get the original exe as before.
* the generated patch is really small, zipped only 5-6kb
* In the first version PGPE only supports All versions of UPX, any type of file. More will come in a near future.